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Home Office Cash

Turning paper accounting practices into a digital format.

Key Goal

Remove the paper cash slip process in accounting and bring consistency through a digital application.

The Team

  • 1 UI/UX Designer

  • 8 Frontend Developers

  • 1 Scrum Master

  • 1 Product Owner


 6 months​

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Paper Process

The accounting department ​used physical cash slips to move money between accounts and policyholders. However, this caused issues because cash slips were lost. Routing them through internal mail created additional work and risked losing the slips.  In addition, the staff would have to reprint or lose money altogether.


So, they came to UX for help.


Before I was assigned the project, my team collaborated with the finance department to understand their needs and review their process. They provided me with interviews and several basic wireframes.

But as I jumped into the project, I recognized the need for more information. I conducted additional interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the current process and to build trust with the stakeholders.

We already knew that routing via internal mail between the accounting department and underwriting caused several issues: lost information, lost funds, and more work for everyone. 

After speaking with the stakeholders, it was apparent that removing the paper process was a must.  And hopefully, it would decrease the time spent on these small tasks and prevent further loss.

High Fidelity 

I took the initial wireframes and all the research to design high-fidelity prototypes.

I wanted the design to feel familiar to the staff using it so they could have a good user experience while improving it. We incorporated similar terminology and kept the interface simple.


I then conducted user testing with several accounting staff members and some underwriters.

No serious issues were found, but the backend couldn't code several elements the staff needed due to third-party vendor connections. I spoke with the product manager and decided to move forward with the pieces that could be coded and then add functionality and actions as they become available.

Home Office Cash 2.png

The outcome

Since the Home Office Cash application has gone into production, it has cut down on time spent processing cash slips, lost money, and back and forth between accounting and underwriting.


"13 returns in 10 minutes.  That includes spot-checking the mainframe to make sure the cash item cleared."

"It helps underwriting immensely, too.  RSA's are done in minutes and not days."

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